Ok Google, “Remodeling Meaning.”

So you want to remodel. At least, you think you do.

But what does that even mean? Is remodeling changing up a room? Or adding a room on? Fixing up and repairing a room? You have no clue. And no one you ask is helping, either. You’ve gotten 6 different answers from 6 different people.

Finally, you Google it.

Glad you’re here! Nice to meet you. Here’s the answer you were looking for.

Definition of Remodeling

According to the Dictionary of Construction, remodeling is:

“Making alterations to an existing structure such that it will be better suited to current needs. This type of work may involve changing the use of interior space by re-positioning walls, replacing bathroom or kitchen fixtures, or other such modifications. Remodeling projects generally incorporate new replacement materials, and are not concerned with maintaining historic authenticity.”

You got that? Remodeling isn’t renovation, or merely fixing up, updating, or redesigning a room. Remodeling is changing the structure of a room to fit a new use.

Examples of Remodeling

So what gets remodeled? Oftentimes, bathrooms and kitchens are the first things to get remodeled. A growing family, wanting to expand the amount of usable space, or moving into a new home can necessitate remodeling those areas which get the most use to suit your family’s current needs.

This can be a good idea for a couple of reasons. If you love the school your kids are at, and don’t want the hassle of uprooting them by moving to a new house, a good remodel can be a great way to stay in place while fixing up the house you’re at to fit your current needs.

Additionally, remodeling can give you more living space in the house you’re at now. Instead of moving, which is an enormous task that might be more trouble than it’s worth, remodel that unfinished basement, or finish that attic bedroom you’ve always wanted. Now you can stay in place, but it feels like far more room than you had before.

Here’s one kitchen and bath remodel we completed recently:

As you can see, the kitchen had light wood-stained cabinets with a white countertop, stove, and refrigerator. On the right side of the picture, you can see that there is also a wall which separates the kitchen from the living room.
Not anymore! After we were done with it, we not only updated the cabinets, countertops, and kitchen appliances, we also knocked out the wall to open up the living room.

Sometimes, a remodel can be finishing a basement, which was previously not finished. Doing this can give you extra living space, bedrooms, an in-law suite, etc.


Remodeling isn’t renovating, it isn’t redesigning, it isn’t decorating.

Remodeling is changing some part of your house from its old use to its new use. That can be in any area of your house, from expanding your bathroom to be handicapped accessible, to adding extra bedrooms in your basement, to opening up your kitchen to make your house a little more live-able.

So now you know what remodeling is. You can close your browser, pick up the phone, and call your contractor, and tell him exactly what you want.

Sound easy enough? We’re happy to help.

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