Vinyl flooring is wonderful. 

It is attractive, easy to clean and comes in a wide variety of styles, designs and colors.

Maintenance on a vinyl floor can also be simple, especially when you know how to fix vinyl flooring bubbles.

What causes bubbles in vinyl flooring?

Bubbles can appear in your vinyl flooring when moisture or moist air rises from below. This moist air becomes trapped between the flooring base and the vinyl and creates a bubble or warp in the vinyl floor surface. Bubbles can appear following a flood or water-soaked event.

Another cause for a bubble in your vinyl flooring can be incorrect installation.

If adhesive is not applied evenly, or the vinyl is not laid properly, it can warp or bubble. If you do see a bubble, it is a relatively easy fix.

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How to Fix Small Vinyl Flooring Bubbles

To fix small vinyl flooring bubbles – those of an inch or less in diameter – try these steps to fix the problem:


Use a large sewing needle to prick the bubble.

This will allow an access point for any trapped air to escape.


Cover the bubble with a towel and using a hot iron, press down on the spot for a few seconds.

This will both heat and flatten the vinyl.


Check after a few seconds to see if the bubble has relaxed down to the surface.

If not, cover the area with the towel again and apply the hot iron for a few more seconds. Do not leave the hot iron on the spot for longer than a few seconds, as the heat may cause the vinyl to burn or melt. It is better to check it more often.


Remove the towel and lay a stack of heavy books on top.

Once the vinyl has responded and has flattened, while it is still warm, remove the towel and lay a stack of heavy books on top of the spot to compress it into place. As the vinyl cools, it will retain its new flattened state.

Leave the books in place for a day or two to ensure that the vinyl rebonds with the surface below.

How to Fix Large Vinyl Flooring Bubbles

To fix large vinyl flooring bubbles – those larger than an inch in diameter – try following these steps:

  • Place a towel over the bubble and heat it with a hot iron for a few seconds.
  • Remove the iron and towel and carefully cut an “X” into the bubble with a sharp razor-type knife while the vinyl is still warm. It will be easier to cut when warm.
  • Carefully pull back each of the triangle cuts to expose the floor below.
  • Apply a vinyl flooring adhesive to the sub-surface and press the triangle cuts back into place, wiping away any adhesive that may have leaked out.
  • Cover the finished bubble with a piece of waxed paper, then lay a stack of heavy books on top of the waxed paper. The waxed paper will prevent any leftover adhesive from sticking to the books, and the books will hold the fixed vinyl flooring pieces in place as they set and dry.
  • Leave the books in place for a day or two to ensure a solid bond.

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