Guide to Home Flooring Problems

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Having problems with your home flooring?

Fixing your flooring is an essential thing every homeowner will experience at some point. Whether you like to get your hands dirty and fix the floors yourself of hire professions to get the job done, there are a lot of potential home flooring problems to be aware of.

This Guide to Home Flooring Problems covers common issues such as:

  • floating floor problems
  • how to fix bubbles in flooring
  • hardwood, bamboo, and cork flooring problems

We have the solutions to your home flooring problems.

Home Flooring Ideas


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Chapter 1:

Floor Problems

best flooring for basement concrete

Chapter 2:

How to Fix Bubbles in Linoleum Flooring

pet friendly flooring ideas

Chapter 3:

Top 6 Hardwood Floor Problems to Consider Before Installing

flooring ideas for bedrooms

Chapter 4:

Bamboo Flooring Problems

kitchen flooring

Chapter 5:

Cork Laminate Flooring Problems

Chapter 1

The Four Most Common Floating Floor Problems

The popularity of floating floors have increased due to their easy installation problem.

Floating floors are not technically flooring, but rather a uniform surface of snapped-together pieces of laminate, vinyl, or engineered hardwood, which “float” above the level floor surface.

Experiencing floating floor problems?

Read more from Illinado about the four most common floating floor problems and how you can fix them.

Remodeling Meaning
concrete basement flooring

Chapter 2

How to Fix Bubbles in Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring are an affordable and stylist choice favored by many homeowners. 

From kitchens to bathrooms, linoleum flooring is versatile in style and easy to install.

No one like finding bubbles in their linoleum flooring.

Follow our step-by-step process for identifying and effectively fixing bubbles in your linoleum flooring.

Chapter 3

Top 6 Hardwood Floor Problems to Consider Before Installing

Harwood floors are classic, quality, and reliable but not without their own set of issues. 

Do you already have hardwood floors in your home? Are you consider investing in new hardwood floors? It is important to consider different problems you will encounter when owning hardwood floors.

From planning sub-flooring to allowing room for panel expansion, learn more about the Top 6 Hardwood Floor Problems!

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ideas bedroom floors

Chapter 4

Bamboo Flooring Problems

Though bamboo flooring may seem unconventional, it’s not as uncommon as you might think.

Bamboo as a flooring material is not only advantages for its durability and eco-friendly factor, but it enhances the style and function of any room,

We’ve created a list of common bamboo flooring problems to consider as well as other information to understanding the benefits of getting bamboo floors!

Chapter 5

Cork Flooring Problems

Cork flooring is marking a comeback. 

It environmentally friendly, versatile, and an affordable home flooring option.

Though cork flooring isn’t the best fit for every room of your home, it’s a great material to consider using for rooms such as your kitchen.

Read more about common cork flooring problems so you can protect your floors and maintain high quality cork flooring!

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