What is Remodeling?

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So you want to fix up your house.

Something needs to change: maybe your kitchen is too small and cramped, or you need to replace some things in your bathroom because of an injury that restricts your movement, or you want to install a wireless home theater system, or your family is outgrowing your current house and you need more bedrooms.

Whatever the reason, you want a change.

But what is remodeling? Is that the answer?

Don’t worry – Illinado wrote a guide for you, to answer all of those questions you may be having about home remodeling.

Let Illinado get you set up for success with our guide to remodeling!

Chapter 1

Ok Google: “Remodeling Meaning”

What does remodeling even mean? Contractors throw these terms around that sometimes can be confusing.

Short answer: remodeling is changing the structure of some part of your house in order to better suit the changing use of that room.

For instance, if you recently had an injury which restricted your movement without help, you might consider a bathroom remodel where you put in a sit-in shower, or an easy-access tub, with handrails too to prevent slipping.

Or if you have a growing family, and need to build more bedrooms, you might consider a basement remodel where you fix up that unfinished basement and build bedrooms.

Regardless of the specific circumstance, remodeling can be a great way to expand the uses of your house without the hassle of moving.

Remodeling Meaning

Chapter 2

What is the difference between remodeling and renovation?

While you may have heard people use these terms interchangeably, there is actually a difference between them.

Remodeling involves structural changes intended to meet the needs of a new use for the remodeled room or building. Knocking out a wall, finishing a basement, and the like are examples of remodeling.

Renovation, on the other hand, does not refer to structural changes, but rather to superficial changes. A kitchen renovation might involve new appliances, a new color scheme, replacing the flooring and the counter-tops. However, it would not involve anything such as moving a wall, or any structural movements at all.

Chapter 3

Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Here at Illinado, we believe in advice.

And more importantly, we believe in getting you advice from as many sources as we can, so you have enough information to make the best decision you can concerning your home remodel.

That’s why we’ve compiled some kitchen remodeling tips from the experts, so you can get a wide variety of advice about this important subject.

We reached out to many different experts in the home remodeling industry and asked them for their best tips on home remodeling. Take a look! We hope you enjoy.

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