Experts’ Advice: Kitchen Remodeling Tips

by May 30, 2017Remodeling

If you’re ever going to do a job of any kind, you want to do it right. Asking experts for their advice is a great way to make sure your project is on track to succeed.

When it comes to remodeling your house, that same rule applies. Experts in the home remodeling industry can often give great advice concerning your remodel which you wouldn’t otherwise get.

We were curious what kind of advice experts in the home remodeling industry had to give about kitchen remodeling. As a result our curiosity, we reached out to these experts and asked for kitchen remodeling tips!

Here’s what we found:

Ekaterina Ananyeva
Office Manager
Karma Home Designs

“In this article, we discussed just general things which every person should know (expect) planning on their home renovation. Additional information would depend on the project: if it’s bathroom or kitchen or full house remodel; on the location (might be a historical building); on clients preferences, and etc.”

Antulio Lopez
Zion House Painting

“One of the best tips would be hiring a licensed home improvement contractor, double check about customer reviews online then get your dream kitchen/bathroom remodeling project done right.”

Tamar King
Head of Design
Four Brothers, LLC

“Existing home layouts . . . are not ideally suited to the needs of their current residents. As you are considering a remodel, you are in the unique position to curate a space tailored to your specific lifestyle and daily living patterns. You may have a mental list of issues or nuisances you experience from day-to-day in your present home — or you may not.”

“Every home and owners’ needs are different, but consensus says a well-designed, functional space serves to benefit everyone. Your remodel is going to be more than an addition, new cabinetry, or a freshly tiled bathroom, it’s the opportunity to redesign and improve the entire system of living in your home.”

Greg Buitrago Jr.
President & Project Developer
Hammer Design Build Remodel


The ‘B’ word in the remodeling industry that everyone tip toes around. Don’t delay bringing it up. For both homeowner and contractor, it is critical to successfully managing the design and construction process from the very first conversation. 

To clear the waters a bit, it is important from very early conversations for the homeowner to discuss their budget with their prospective contractor. In return, it is the responsibility of the professional remodeler to provide a conservative range of costs for the project, even on a simple walk through. By sharing real numbers from the beginning, both parties can work together to create a design plan that is as beautiful as it is feasible.”

David Waguespack
Director of Project Development

“Choosing a remodeling design firm is no easy task.  With so many options it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Remodeling a kitchen is a large task to undertake and working with a professional provides the best outcome.  Look at the companies warranty on their work.  How long have they been in business?  What skill set do they offer in terms of design and selection assistance?  In a space that you spend so much time and money to remodel choosing the right company can truly make a difference in the outcome.  Working with an experienced individuals makes all the difference to achieving your newly remodeled kitchen.”

John Tabor
Tabor Design Build

“Perhaps the most essential element in any remodeling project is hiring a capable, competent and experienced contractor. Ensure that your contractor can help you both with the design and the execution of your plan. Research his or her company, view pictures of past work, and ask for an estimate up front. Interview potential contractors. Choose one you feel comfortable communicating with, who is willing to listen to your concerns and incorporate your feedback into his or her process.”

Bob Weickgenannt
Owner & Founder
Starcom Design / Build

“The elements in contemporary kitchens include pieces that emphasize pure angles, simple though bold color schemes, and sweeping geometries; all combined to create a clean, fresh, atmosphere. Many go with a modern kitchen because, beyond being fashionable, they are also practical. They will maximize open space, utilize the most advanced appliances, and often keep all these features hidden or out of the way.”

“Remodeling is a service involving hundreds sometimes thousands of moving parts. These parts require the expertise of a team that is seasoned in working together to accomplish a common goal of working with a two dimensional vision bringing this vision to a three dimensional reality. Reality of this vision should never be compromised on price but realized in the experience and dedication of the master – an accomplished remodeler and his team – for without this critical component success can never be truly achieved.”

 3 Key Kitchen Remodeling Tips

As you can see, there are three main tips these experts want you to keep in mind when it comes to kitchen remodeling.


Budgeting is by far the most important step you can take to ensure that you have a successful remodel. Planning this step can help you to narrow down what you want to replace in your kitchen versus what you need to replace, ensuring that the things that are most important to you get finished. Take a look at this kitchen renovation checklist for some planning help!

Design & Plan

You have to know what you want. Having a definite plan, with a budget that you stick to will help your project get done in a reasonable amount of time, as well as in line with your vision for your house. You can share this plan with your contractor so you get exactly what you want with your remodeling project. You can never plan too much before you start.



Not only is it important to hire a contractor who listens to you and understands what you want to accomplish with your remodel, but it is also important to find out the contractor’s warranty on his work, to get a list of references and ask them how they enjoyed the contractor’s work for them previously, and also to get an initial estimate up front.

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think are some kitchen remodeling tips that we missed? Share your advice and experience in the comments below!

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