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Homeowners are constantly evaluating whether to outsource their newest home project or do it themselves. When it comes to building a deck, homeowners are split into two categories: a. those who outsource home improvement projects 99% of the time and b. those who would actually choose the DIY route when considering building a deck.

If you’re in group A, then start reading until you see stop here.

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Group A

If you are a member of Group A, which means you have little or no skill in building a deck, then the answer is obviously loaded: you will need to hire a deck building professional.

Because of this, we’re going to offer advice on HOW TO hire a deck building professional.


Do I Understand My Deck Building Plan?

When looking to hire a deck builder, one common mistake many homeowners make is failing to understand the project itself. Sure, you want a deck. But have you asked: how tall do I want it? How wide? Do I want railings or stairs?

Have you also considered whether you want a simple addition or a full remodel? Asking questions like these before you go out searching for a deck pro will help you save time, estimate costs, and realize expectations and possibilities—this way, your finished project will align with your original vision.


Costs of Building A Deck

Hiring a professional deck building crew can be expensive, which is why it’s important know where costs are coming from if you’re on a budget.


            Materials – 35-50%

            Labor       – 30-50%

            Markup    – 5-10%

How can you save costs then?


Buy the Deck Materials Yourself

            Buying the materials on your own will cut costs. Deck professionals often markup the price of materials because they have to account for the hours planning, the time spent gathering the materials and the gas and man hours spent transporting everything to the job site. By buying the all the materials before you hire a pro, you can expect to cut that markup cost, saving you 5-10% on your project.

Find an affordable Deck Building Company That Works With Your Budget

            Affordable doesn’t mean cheap. There are companies who are willing to work with your budget without sacrificing the quality of your final product. Grab a cup of coffee and start hunting for the deck building company right for you.

Stop here.



 Group B

            If you clicked the button, then you probably have some deck building savvy and are considering taking this project on your own.

How do you know if you should DIY or hire a deck pro?


Professional Deck Builder vs DIY Deck Building

A professional, deck builder will be better and faster. That’s a fact. They are craftsmen who are skilled and experienced at building decks and also have the work rhythm of building decks often.

That said, doing it yourself doesn’t mean your deck will be low quality. In fact, DIY deck projects often look great. Plus, you get the added satisfaction of having done it yourself and found or regained the knowledge of how to build your own deck.

Before you run out to the garage and grab the dusty table saw (or go to Lowes and buy one), take some time to reflect on three things:

  1. Do I know what I’m getting into?
  2. How much will it cost?
  3. Time Commitment


Make sure you understand your Deck Remodel Plan

Before you jump into a big home improvement project like deck building or remodeling, you’ll want to make sure you fully understand what you want and what it will require. Ask yourself: do I want a simple addition or do I want a full-scale remodel? Have I appropriately evaluated how much it will cost and what materials and tools are required? These are great questions to ask before jumping into any DIY project. Make sure to ask them before beginning deck construction.


Cost of Deck Building

DIY will cut prices in half, or more. You’ll truncate the labor costs, as well as the material/project markup that professionals often add to project costs.

However, you should examine more than just the immediate costs. What about the tools, for example? If you go out and buy them to complete the project will you ever use them again? If you mess something up are you willing or able to stomach the price of extra materials?

It’s also important to investigate future expenses. Yes, a deck pro will be more expensive, but will his deck building skills provide lasting quality? Many DIY projects look great but require major repairs within a few short years, which can leave you with dragging expenses.


Time Commitment

            If you are going to embark on a project like building a deck, it’s important to estimate how much time it will require. Many homeowners make an estimate far below the actual number of hours required, leaving them discouraged that after 4 long weekends and only half a deck to show.

In addition, you’ll want to investigate whether your deck project demands the legal attention of building it to code. This involves calling the local building department or municipal office to learn which permit(s) you need and requires you to fill out applications, submit them with a copy of your building plans and property survey and, finally, pay a filing fee.

The process is a lot to handle and you can mistakes along the way. A pro, on the other hand, already knows the process and will get it right the first time, saving your time and accelerating the project’s completion.


Building a deck is a great way to add value and beauty to your home. Whether you’re thinking about building a deck or you’re set on doing it yourself take a few minutes and talk to a deck building professional about your project. 


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