Summer’s been here. And it isn’t going anywhere soon, which means that you still have plenty of July and August hours left to get started on these home improvement projects that will make your home look great and add $$$ to your home.

Check out these 10 home improvement projects that will add value to houses:

1) Build a Fire Pit

If you’re on a budget and love spending time outside, fire pits are a perfect fit for you. Host parties, invite guests over, or just enjoy the peaceful sound of a crackling fire as you gather around your new fire pit.

Get started:

2) Plant A Garden

Planting a garden is a great way to add beauty to your home and will skyrocket the curb appeal of your home, especially if it’s in front of your house. Plant flowers for a more beautiful or grow vegetables for a more economic approach—either way, your home will grow (pun intended) in beauty and character.

Get started with these tips. (Extra Thought: consider hiring a lawn care company to do it all for you.)

3) Hang Exterior Shutters

This is a subtle, but big, value booster. This improvement often goes unnoticed because you’re almost always looking through the windows from the inside of your home. Take a moment to see what your house looks like from the sidewalk. You’ll be shocked by what new shutters will do for your curb appeal.

Get started here.

4) Build a Picnic Table

This one requires some basic carpenter skills but makes a manageable weekend project. Great for family meals or hosting guests, a picnic table is a great go-to for spending time in the summer sun.

5) Renovate the kitchen

Renovation projects make sense economically. They also make strong candidates for home improvement projects that add value to homes. The rooms in your house don’t always need full makeovers and often do just fine with a few cosmetic changes. Your kitchen receives a lot of ware and tear so it’s a great place to start if you want to give your home a refreshing shine.

Illinado suggestions:

  1. Replace the backsplash with an elegant design that pops off the wall.
  2. Hang some classic or colored lights from your kitchen ceiling to give your kitchen richer character.

Check out some other renovation ideas.

6) Install a built-in bookshelf

Create space and add flare to your home with this one. Built-in bookcases are quickly becoming one of the most popular home improvement projects and home buyers—especially book lovers—will jump for joy at the sight of them.

 Illinado value tip: a built-in bookshelf placed under/into a set of stairs is spunky and highly money-marketable.

See what these guys have to say about it.

7) Add a simple deck to your backyard

Honestly, who doesn’t love a house that has a deck? Adding a small deck or porch to your house will always remain among the smartest home improvement investments you can make. (Pro Tip: If you have trees blocking your view or getting in the way of your deck, hire a tree service company to help you trim or remove them).

Read what HouseLogic has to say about the return on a deck investment.

8) Install a Kitchen Island

Adding an island to your kitchen brings tremendous character to a room you’re in often. It’s also has a strong economic edge on other projects because it has so many unique uses: storage, food space, buffet bar…it can do it all.

See how these kitchen islands transform space in your kitchen.

9) Add Full or 1/2 Bathroom

New bathrooms always add serious value to a home. Think about it. What do you see when you look at a home/apartment listing? Price, #bedrooms, #bathrooms… they’re a big deal. Expect to spend a little more money up front than other remodeling projects, but be confident that this one will seriously raise the price of your home or apartment.

An value increase of 20% is the number that these home experts put on bathroom add-ons.

10) Add A Laundry Room

Most people didn’t see this one coming, but laundry room additions or improvements are among today’s most popular home improvement projects that add value to homes. If you’ve already raised the price of your property with more essential projects, consider this one to raise your number even higher.

Better Homes and Gardens considers them well worth their initial cost.


Bonus Project #1: Repair or Replace your Roof

Keeping your roof in healthy condition, or simply replacing it altogether, is one of the best ways to add beauty and value to your home. Call a local roof repair and roof replacement company for a free inspection.

Bonus Project #2: Paint the Interior or Exterior of your House

Painting your walls or your siding is one of the best ways to add beauty and value to your home. Call a local interior house painting and exterior house painting company for a free estimate.

Bonus Project #3: Install a wireless home theater system! Because nothing’s more relaxing than to stay inside in the air conditioning on a warm summer weekend.


Don’t waste another minute of summer and try one of these home improvement projects that add value to homes. Get out there and go improve!

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