A Rising Market And The Value of Remodeling in Front Royal, VA

Understanding the housing market and putting faith in housing trends is a tall task. But it’s made a little easier by the fact that the major statistical categories in the housing market for Front Royal, VA continues to rise upwards, especially in the last year. Many housing and realty media channels (like this one) are dubbing Front Royal as a buyer’s market.  While that seems like bad news for homeowners trying to sell, we’re going to tell you how to convert this Front Royal market activity to your selling advantage.

Home Sales in Front Royal, VA 

The housing market, just like the stock market, is like a roller coaster ride. Get off while you’ve had your fun and you’ll be happy. But, ride too long (or, perhaps, too little) and you’ll be shaking your head, disappointed and financially down.

We’re not here, however, to talk about investment strategy. We’re here to tell you how you can sell your home for more money. Don’t worry if you haven’t followed local reports for Front Royal; we’ll catch you up: the market is doing really well.

Remodeling in Front Royal, VA


Listing prices on homes are rising, as well as the median sales price. Check out this recent report, issued on July 29th, 2015: 

As you can see listing price and sales price are both on the rise for the stretch of June to July and have grown steadily for the last year. 


Housing Trends in Front Royal

 In addition to increase of home sales (and the “green” of its subcategories), there are some other positive trends in the Front Royal, VA housing market.

Remodeling in Front Royal, VA


In this graphic, for example, you can see that the statistics from the previous section are affirmed. Though the far right graph suggests that things in Front Royal are taking a little longer to sell, the fact remains that they are still selling AND going for more.

There are also some friendly green numbers showing in regards to the types of houses selling. Wait. Let me rephrase that. The green shows that ALL types of houses are selling.

Do some research for Front Royal, VA and you’ll see that the big categories, as well as the little ones, are showing green.

Remodeling in Front Royal

As the economy is growing and the green numbers in the housing market rise, remodeling or renovating your house possesses big financial upside. You can add tremendous value to your home by investing in some simple repairs or a basic makeover to your home. If you’re looking for some home improvement ideas, we wrote about 2015’s best ones here.

Exterior remodeling/renovation projects like a fresh coat of paint or new siding (you can find a guide to siding here) can add serious curb appeal. This will raise the selling value of your home and produce great Return On Investment (ROI). Interior remodeling/renovation projects like a kitchen makeover or bathroom remodeling in Front Royal also catch home buyer’s eyes and are hot on all major lists for the best remodeling projects of 2015. These remodeling and renovation projects, along with many more like them, all have high ROI.

Basically: invest a little money now and get a lot back later.

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